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Company is time proved. Wage is paid on time. Everything is great. Coordinators are always friendly. I recommend it!
Have been cooperating with this company for a long time. Everything is fair, stable, salary is paid on time, coordinators’ assistance is always available if necessary. Everything speaks for their competence and sense of responsibility.
Conscientious and long-standing company! On-time wage and qualified coordinators. I recommend it!


Frequently asked questions
How much do your job offers cost?
All job offers are absolutely free.
Are there any advance payments?
Sure. After the first working week, you can receive an advance payment of 200 zlotys. There can be three of such advance payments prior to first salary payout. The only condition is to notify the coordinator two days before the date of required advance payment.
Can the job be undertaken with a temporary residence permit issued from another employer?
Yes, it can, subject to availability of working days. At first, an invitation from our company is prepared, after that there is one month available to change the employer. Until new card is issued, old one will be valid.
If I applied for a temporary residence permit from another employer, will you assist me with amendment of permit or will I have to pay for it again?
We assist with amendment of documents. If candidate has a stamp in passport and is waiting for permit, we apply documents for employer substitute and case over resident permit is amended. Therefore, you do not need to pay for the card again.
Can I work after my visa expires, on the basis of visa-free entry?
Yes, you can, subject to the availability of working days left. In this situation, it is not necessary to leave Poland. If there are no working days left – you can stay in Poland, but you will be permitted to work.
How can I change employer if I have a temporary residence permit?
The entire package of documents is prepared by our company. In case of change of employer having temporary residence permit on hands, the employee must reissue the permit with new employer, therefore, it will be necessary to complete the process of application and anticipation of permit with the corresponding fees.
Does company assist with legalization after the visa expiration or visa-free period?
Yes, of course. It is possible to apply for a temporary residence permit for the purpose of work for our company. We provide the entire package of documents. To do this, contact your coordinator in advance.
Upon arrival to Poland, does employee set up to work immediately?
It all depends on position. There are some job offers with opportunity of immediate start, others require medical examination, health, safety and the environment training, etc., as well as get the admission card – the entire procedure can take from one to two weeks.
Does your company provide accommodation and how much does it cost?
Of course, we do. The cost depends on the location of job offer. There are offers with accommodation provided. In case of self-rental by an employee, company partially covers rental expenses, which depends on the location of job offer.
Are there any jobs that offer free lunch to employees?
Yes, there are such offers. This information should be checked with the company's manager.
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